How Click Prompt will change the future of schools

Many social problems come from a lack of understanding data on who we are, and have done, as a people. A good data interpretation regarding social events that have already happened has the potential to drive human outcomes better, to the point of leading us to a large ­scale change, that can address the huge social needs of individuals and communities.

In the same way, data can be the most powerful tool in your hands when it comes to customer service, it can also transform personal lives in many ways. And because we strongly believe in the power of data, we are officially launching a pilot project with selected Orange County schools in order to make our tool available to them, AT NO COST. This is scheduled to happen during the first semester of 2016.  That’s just the beginning. In two years, we expect to invite all 98,000 schools in the 50 US States to have the same opportunity, helping approximately 60 million students throughout the country.

Yes, we’re going to get our unique, revolutionary business intelligence tool and put it to work for the good of all. If kids are the future, then Big Data is in their future. So we anticipate that as soon as we put the second in service to the first, we will bring major outcomes that will affect the future of our community in a great way. And what better way to positively affect our communities, than through education?

Our tool will collect real time info and make it available to principals. It works like this: through QR codes spread all around the school, students can give instantaneous feedback about their education, their social experience, the school’s structure and pretty much any factor the administration deems important. We anticipate this will also help schools with safety issues, such as drugs, gun control, bullying, among many other things. All of this is confidential, protecting the kids while assuring them and the administration that the best service is provided at the schools.

Each school that desires to acquire the tool can request it through our website in a simple and automatic way. And to make it even better, it doesn’t involve any software downloads. Everything is done online, it’s mobile friendly, and can even be visualized in gadgets like the apple watch. The opportunity to make decisions in real time will help principals to increase the quality of the service provided at the schools and help them correct overlooked errors.

Click Prompt is a by-product of the American dream. It was founded by Brazilian immigrants, Belardo Junior and Filipov Renato who wanted to use their potential to make the American dream even bigger, by contributing to its core: education. It’s their belief that any full profit company should seek to contribute to the communities surrounding them. Click Prompt was then built on the principle that information can change outcomes, and there’s no better outcome than changing lives for the better.

By Lizia Santos

Lizia is an online editor, journalist, with an MA in Applied Communications.


All rights reserved – Click Prompt Technologies llc



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