It can and it will change your company’s destiny

 Although Data has been the talk of the town lately, two things aren’t new at all. One, gathering data has been a human practice for ages, ever since the cave men started registering facts. Two, making use of data to change companies’ outcomes is something that has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, when Henry Ford became noted for creating an assembly line after a careful analysis of his production process.

Okay then, so what’s new? For once, nowadays data can be recorded instantaneously. Specially when the sources are devices such as mobiles and computers. Companies record employees performances through computer data gathering, websites study user behavior and make decisions based on it.

But still, although this is all recent, there’s something even more revolutionary. What if you could get people to get their thoughts out of their heads and instantaneously and intentionally let you know about them? What if people’s opinions could be at your hand in seconds?

Well, that’s the revolution Click Prompt brings to the market. There are 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, and between 1 billion and 2 billion people accessing the internet. We are making use of this reality and turning it into a bridge between companies and consumers. It’s different of buying data from third party companies and paying specialists to analyze it and deliver reports. Now, consumers, be them customers or employees, can talk directly to you in real time and through our modern revolutionary tool.
How is this different? Let’s imagine here that you manage you own three convenience stores. You strive to provide a great service, and even have paper customer surveys available and things like online surveys that give back a discount coupon. Through these things you can generate customer fidelity and gather some information on customers satisfaction. But let’s be real, how many people have the patience and the time to use these tools? A small percentage does use it, but the great majority will pass it.

However, there’s always those unsatisfied people who will put the word out if they dislike any part of your service. Through our revolutionary tool, here’s how it goes: Click Prompt puts QR codes all throughout your stores, inviting customers to give real time feedback. They think the cashier was rude? There’s a QR Code right there for them to quickly scan and relate their experience. Instantaneously you, as a manager, will get the information. Yep, you’ll get an alert right away right there at your cellphone. And then you can avoid right away that the cranky cashier will make any other customers uncomfortable that day. Before it even happens.


Possibilities are endless. The QR codes can be in several essential places throughout your business. You determine it, we do it. And people can easily give you a feedback on their satisfaction. These people could be your customers, or even your team. But what matters is that you’ll be able to keep an ongoing conversation with them all, having data in real time and being able to make decisions right away, avoiding future mistakes and ensuring the best quality of service. And what’s even better is that you can visualize all the collected data in a modern dashboard, that can be completely customized to your needs at any time. Our tool not just simplifies your operation, but actually understands it and takes it to another level of operational intelligence.

 That’s why, although we’re new at the market, big shots of the B.I market (Business Intelligence) that have been around for a while are already acknowledging our work.

Click Prompt gives you real time data, but other companies also do this. But we provide you with a shortcut, and now it’s not just real time data, but it’s real time data coming directly from real people to real managers. This way you can avoid real mistakes and make real improvements in your company. Yes, it’s all real.

By Lizia Santos

Lizia is an online editor, journalist, with an MA in Applied Communications.


All rights reserved – Click Prompt Technologies llc



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